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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Google Kills A Donkey??

I am not a morning person. I do not bound out of bed singing, no matter what sort of medications I may be taking. It  takes me a good while to get cohesive thoughts gathered. And yet, I Tweet and blog every day as early as I'm able to - go figure...

This morning, I could have sworn that there was a headline scrolling on my morning news about Google hitting a donkey, and running. This could of course be a test by the producers to gauge how much attention viewers are devoting to the  news update scrolls. It could also mean that somewhere, Google leapt off a computer screen, jacked a car, and sped into a donkey.

There has been no report of the condition of the donkey, nor whether or not Google has returned to computer screens...


Hold on just a minute!!

The donkey is dead.

I repeat, the donkey has died. In Botswana.

Well, there goes my theory that yesterday's Google Doodle - an ice-cleaning machine knows as a Zamboni, was the culprit. Not much ice in Botswana, I imagine.

Can you imagine being the CSI team being sent to investigate THIS crime?

What the hell is going on out there people????

Chow. For Now...


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

What??!! First of all, you pretty much DO bound out of bed singing! I am telling you people, this guy sits up every morning with mischief and a big-ass grin IMMEDIATELY! However, I will say, there really WAS a headline that scrolled that said "Google kills a donkey". We both did the double-take look and said "huh?". As for Mr That Dan Guy's explanation of the donkey story, I am completely lost. What the hell happened?

ThatDanGuy said...

I never did follow the story, what the hell DID happen??