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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things That Postal Workers MAY Be Thinking...

* "Plain brown wrapper? Who are these people kidding?? SEX TOYS!!!"

* "Hello, no need to calm down...yessir, just a little bit closer and I'll see how well this Tazer works..."

* "Jeez, I've got more corns than an Idaho field..."

* "Wow, everybody DOES know my name! Hey there Normie!!"

* "Great! Like the chaffing wasn't bad enough, NOW I got hemorrhoids??"

* "I swear officer, when I said I was gonna "go postal" I meant I had to get to work..."

* "Uhh, I dunno boss - I know we have to deliver bills and collection notices, but I don't think I can actually threaten to make someone "sleep with the fishes"..."

* "Do these knee-highs make my calves look fat?"

* "Unit 215, Unit 251 - close enough!"

* "Huh. Apartment building garbage disposal chutes DO look like mailboxes..."

* "I thought women LOVED men in uniforms??"



Chow for now...


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Good one! Too funny! And as to your last point, ya, women DO love men in uniform. Ya just can't have a uniform WITH knee highs? It's like wearing half a uniform! And well......THEY'RE KNEE HIGHS!

ThatDanGuy said...

It was the probably the knee-high pantyhose that blew the deal...

So, so comfy....