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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stage West Calgary Entertainment Review: "Sexy Laundry"

The Sunday Morning "Somebody-Asked-Me-To, So-Here-I-Go" Entertainment Review:

"Sexy Laundry"
Stage West Calgary

Starring William R. Moses

Jane Spidell

Stage West Calgary's recently-opened production of Michele Riml's "Sexy Laundry" diverges from the recent musical theatre offerings at the facility, into a character-driven comedy. Laundry examines a couple 25 years into marriage as they struggle to re-ignite the flame that at one time may have resembled a super-nova, but now has cooled off into all the wattage of an interior refrigerator light...

In this, my "unofficial" review, I'll touch on some thoughts, but expand more for my "official" Calgary Herald review. I'll also be sitting down later today with Mr. Moses, and will soon have an interview linked for you to hear even more about the show, and his lengthy career. We're all about value after all, here at "Such Is Life"! Make sure to come back and look for those links soon!

Back to the play - this is pretty fertile ground for comedy, and certainly has proved such in the past, both in books, stage and movie offerings. "Sexy Laundry" makes for another fine entry into the genre. Terrific performances, modern images of the many distractions (mostly electronic) to a relationship - and one of the least erotic S & M  scenes you could ever imagine - a riot to view!

William R. Moses plays Henry Lane as a plaid cost-conscious husband that resembles a slice of unbuttered toast left over at a continental breakfast buffet. Jane Spidell is his wife Alice, that has come to place high stakes on a romantic weekend getaway as a last resort to stoke the passion in their relationship. The only other character is the "Sex For Dummies" book that they are consulting regularly for insight into amour. 25 years of mutually diverging interests place the humorous roadblocks into those efforts, and many audience members exchanged knowing glances at the impediments that build up after such a long time together as a couple. Often something as simple as the importance of not missing the nightly news...hard to role-play sex games with one eye on that!

There are some terrifically funny moments and even more insightful observations into relationships here, especially if you've been in a long one. There are some lagging moments, but at about 2/3 of the way in, Riml finds her voice again and the show engages the audience right up to the conclusion. Director J. Sean Elliott continues to add to his comedy credits, expanding out from his recent farces at Stage West into this more nuanced effort. Well done, all in all.

More to come in the Calgary Herald review....

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Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

A great show. You laugh out loud A LOT! Some moments left folks murmuring "Oh my!" Great entertainment and warm and fuzzy in the end, loved it.

ThatDanGuy said...