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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weebles Wobble??

Still not entirely sure just what a weeble is. Sounds like something from an episode of the original cast Star Trek series. I imagine them as small and furry. Maybe buck-toothed.

They must be pear-shaped, if they wobble so much - like those inflatable punching bags my era used to have as kids' playthings. I think Bozo The Clown was one option. When you'd pop him in the snout, he would bounce right back up again, grinning like a maniacal axe-murderer.

I guess now I had better go surf The Googler, and see if there any images of a weeble. My curiosity has officially been aroused...

Chow for now!


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Oh brother! Your curiosity is aroused all day every day, the inquiring mind that never a cat!

PS You could have ended Bozo the Clown's description at "grinning like a maniac"....that would have sufficed! But no, it has now left a permanent fear in all forever, thanks!

ThatDanGuy said...


Maniacal bubble wrap popper????