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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy Feet! (Soon...)

My orthotics arrived yesterday, so I went to my podiatrist to pick them up and become familiar with them. It will apparently take me three-to-four weeks to adjust, but even the first few hours felt great with them in. I think that between the Birkenstocks and these puppies, I should soon see major relief!

On the downside, I realize I'm becoming quite a liability around here. Orthotics, expensive shoes, a new tire for the car, body work that still has to be done on our vehicle after The Pre-Concert Steve Martin Scraping Mishap (Note to self: Consider renaming that incident - you did NOT scrape Steve Martin...).

At any rate, I've become an ongoing drain on our pocketbook. Mrs. That Dan Guy is generally pretty even-tempered, but I think I'll try sleeping with one eye open for the next little while...

Chow for now!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ya, you are an expensive one Mr. I am more concerned about your statement "Becoming familiar with your orthotics" Oh my!

ThatDanGuy said...

Their gentle caress....

The way they cling and envelope me..

Man, I really need to try them on my feet soon!