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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chicken Scratch

(Posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

A'm home!!

A'm home!!!


Ah meen ta say, hello ma chilly lil friends!!


After ah unzipped tha suitcase ah sneeked into, this place looked oddly familiar. Not sure where Banjo Boy and the lady floo off to, but I think I been here before. Lotsa cats - this could be a society lady's joint, one a them eggs-ssentric ones!!


Good taste though - I spotted a dwarf chicken passed out on tha floor that looks like Hen Rietta! 

An, on tha plus side, ma bowel movments is returnin' ta normal. Had ta hold it fer a loooong time between crawlin' inta a suitcase, and arrivn' . Gotta be stealthy when ya do thiss kinda stuffin'!


Well, better see wut kinda chow I kin rustle up - it is a lil early ta be snarfin'...uhh...nah. This is entirely approp-ree-eight...

Bottoms up!!


Cluck fer now.....


Suzanne said...

Ah, Charlie, you could have at least had the berry one for some Vit C first thing in the morning!

Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Damn chicken! Can't you just stay home for once Charlie? Always hangin around, stickin your beak somewhere it don't belong! Sigh...someone get me a bird cage with a lock!

ThatDanGuy said...

He was definitely a beer bottle baby...

ThatDanGuy said...

You have to admit, he's awfully resourceful.

At the very least, awful...