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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring has pretty much sprung, around here at the Such Is Life household.

Sprung. Now there’s an interesting word. Makes you think of either a wound-up watch, or a jungle panther. Or a springy sponge. Or a breakfast cereal – why hasn’t some advertising Brainiac ever thought to link up “Sprung” with a peppy fibre treat??

Spring certainly pales in comparison to sprung, even from the practical application of the word. Spring sort-of lies there, like an expended Slinky, while sprung practically simmers with latent potential. Or at least more than spreng might. I don’t think spreng would ever catch on as a replacement option for sprung.

Nor would sprong, which frankly sounds an awful lot like those things on the wheel of a bicycle, or the stabby parts of a fork.

I feel like I’ve gotten off topic – so far off topic that I don’t even remember what the freakin’ topic may have been…

Oh well, that’s spring for you…

Chow for now!

1 comment:

Mrs That Dan Guy said...

If that's Spring for you then Spring makes my head hurt!