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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken…)

Happy Weekend, mammals! Ole Charlie would like ta talk taday about estate plannin’ – gettin’ yer fairs in order. Or, “How Ta Size Yer Pine Box”…


First off, when plannin’ yer final nap space, ya needs ta be shure that the compartmint is of sufficient sizeage, so as ta accommodate yer entire…ah…girth. Oh sure, yer options is ta fold yer legs – ya certainly won’t be gettin’ a cramp after ye’ve expired. He He He…long as ya don’ unexpectedly wake up!!


Second, ya needs ta ensure tha afford-a-bility of tha container. This is where ya can save a few bucks by recyclin’ things around tha house – like lumber from around a flower bed, or cardboard that ya save from like…a big screen TV, or several cases a Campbell’s Soup.


This of course prezooms that ya ain’t gonna just end up inna urn – after getting’ yer goose good and cooked. Then, ya can end up in a toothpaste container, or a larger, “Hungry Man” can a Campbell’s Soup (hmm…I oughta get a few bucks fer all this promo here…)


Finally, ya need ta consider what yer gonna wear fer alla eternity. Me, I intend on goin’ in just like that ole adult film star of the Eighties – Buck Nekked. I will bee-queeth my wordly goods as parta my estate – mebbe Cornelius will wanna cherish my bow tie collection.

Well, those are summa tha key elements a my estate plannin’ tips – hope that helps if the cold hand a death is grippin’ yer shoulder, or ya just wanna be prudent, and planna head.

Oh yeah…Happy Easter!!

Cluck fer now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

You crazy old bird! Shouldnt you be concentrating on the business of "eggs" for easter?
Buried buk nekked? Really Charlie! Really?! Not to mention your picture of choice of pine box demonstrates a quite convenient choice for a wino like you! Really Charlie!

charlie chicken said...

Love ya too, Toots!