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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hat Fitz & Cara, with Tim Williams Friday Night at The Calgary Folk Club

Hat Fitz & Cara
Tim Williams 

Calgary Folk Club

Friday, March 13

Still waiting for the companion feature to run in my Calgary Herald blog, but as both podcast interviews are already loaded, here's a sneak peek at the two blues act that are surely to raise the roof over at the Calgary Folk Club this Friday night.

The gracious Hat Fitz & Cara answered my Skype call bright and early for a clothed reenactment of John & Yoko's bed-in Q & A session. That video interview (which is rapidly gaining viewers online) is available for viewing on my YouTube Channel.

Calgary-based bluesman Tim Williams is a multi-award-winning living history of the blues. Pulling influences from around the world for his sound, I'm sure the stories he will share are going to be as amazing as the music he plays.

Listen to the audio interview from my podcast site, or download it for free from iTunes (ThatDanGuy's Podcast)


Breaking - the feature article is now live in my Calgary Herald blog


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Real man. Just real. Loved it! Best interview ever.

ThatDanGuy said...

They were awesome, both!

If I do say so myself :-)