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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hat Fitz & Cara, Tim Williams Bring Blues Of The World To Calgary Folk Club

Calgary Folk Club
Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson
Tim Williams

Every club, you think it can't get any better than the one you've just enjoyed. Every club, it does get better - what a night last night with Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson, and Tim Williams.

My review is live now in my Calgary Herald blog, which also links to audio and video podcasts with the artists. 




Mrs That Dan Guy said...

What a night indeed! It was all I could do to stay in my chair! Tim Williams stories and the varied sounds of the blues was absolutely stunning. Hat Fitz and Cara? I love everything about them! They are simply intoxicating! From their ridiculously talented prowess on the varied instruments to their intoxicating voices,to their hilarious, yet sweet, sweet ways as a couple, I was sucked in and hoped it would never end. I can't wait to hear their CDs to take me back to last night. Wow!

ThatDanGuy said...

These two acts were ASTOUNDING!!!!