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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Complain To Google??

I've never noticed that before - at the very bottom right hand corner of Blogger, there's a hot button that says "Complain To Google".

So I did.

I told them about how this time of year when it gets cold and dry, my skin is soooo itchy it drives me crazy. No moisturizer seems to be able to make it stop.

I also sent them a long note about how crazy drivers are here, even in poor weather conditions. Somebody needs to pull them over and explain how ice affects stopping distances.

I felt that as long as I was already on a roll, I mentioned how unhappy I am that prices are rising on so many basic food staples, which affects low income families - a loaf of moldy old bread shouldn't be $5.00, am I right???

Then I remembered that you need to balance things out, so I shared how our Calgary Flames are almost in first place in their NHL division, and that our Calgary Stampeders just won the Grey Cup this weekend, which is kind of a Super Bowl for the 99%. I have also been very regular as of late, so our change in diet clearly has paid dividends.

Really, you should check that "Complain To Google" button out - feels great really to know people care!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Like google gives a damn. Oops, sorry, that would be my complaint if I was to hit the "complain to Google" button. (I liked your beefs and boquets Mr That Dan Guy. Agree with them all!)

ThatDanGuy said...

Thanks, kind unbiased stranger!!