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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Man's Best Friend

My hat is off to whoever it may have been that invented the TV remote control - and my money is on a wife that was getting tired of having to get up and change channels for her own husband, back in the day.

Of all the inventions in modern history - fast-thawing sandwich bread, twist-off beer caps, or even resealable pretzels bags, the TV remote control has made the lives of untold men infinitely easier.

I recall growing up in a home with no remote for the TV. You practically had to sit at the base of the unit for Pete's sake! How cumbersome the task of flipping through the seven or eight channels you had to choose from back then, until you found something worth watching.

FYI: In Canada, we used to have a French language station that often ran movies with nudity. How titillating (literally) to a young, impressionable lad in his formative years! Now, you can scroll through a host of nekkid selfies on your smartphone. Far less left to the imagination these days...

Where was I though??

Oh yeah - remotes!

I've had remotes die at night, with no replacement batteries until the next day and a quick trip to a store that stocked them. I've never felt so much like a caveman - helpless and lacking in even the most basic needs of a modern-day civilized survivor. And no matter how hard I tried, my damned cat couldn't follow even the simplest of training to do the changing for me.

Makes me wish I had a dog....



Mama Bear said...

If you are looking to have your favorite leather TV viewing chair chewed up by that new doggie, that is the price of the new furry "remote control"!

ThatDanGuy said...

Small price, I suppose :-)

Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ya, and now the wife can't get to see her own channels as the husband "owns" the remote. Not a good invention at all.

ThatDanGuy said...

The natural order of things, I believe