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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Acceptable Breakfast Choices

Ever since I got caught years ago by a cousin while I was walking out of a gas station convenience store with an ice cream sandwich for breakfast, I've taken more care to make better choices.

First, I now go waaay out of my neighbourhood before I buy one. Sometimes I'll get them with my groceries, and take one along so I don't have to risk running into anyone I know at a public location.

Second, I have considered other options - traditional breakfast choices that a nutritionist might be able to endorse.

Sadly, many of those are terrible! Oats, fruit, fibre, or softened cardboard.

In a perfect world, here are acceptable (if not at all healthy) breakfast choices:

1) Twinkies. Fast, convenient, delicious. Isn't that all a person can ask for? Aside from diabetes...

2) Chocolate Chip cookies. A favourite since childhood, taken in enough quantity, just might provide appropriate amounts of dairy to be a healthy choice??

3) Macaroons. No argument I can make in favour of these little bon-bons - they're just so darn tasty...

I better quit while I'm still ahead. Of the bakery section...



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh yes, give this man cookies every morning, he is a happy man! Give this man fresh fruit every morning, he is one cranky boy!

ThatDanGuy said...

The Grapes of Blech??