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Saturday, February 08, 2014

50 Years Of The Beatles

I wish I had more time to edit this link down, as there is some stuff that is totally irrelevant included.

However, this look back at our 2009 year just happens to include:

1) Catching The Beatles/Cirque "LOVE" at The Mirage.

2) Footage of Paul McCartney performing live on the "roof" of the Ed Sullivan Theatre, after we saw him on David Letterman earlier in the afternoon.

3) Shots of StrawBerry Field in Central Park.

4) A blurry picture of me while we attended the historic live "Good Evening New York City" live concert recorded in the former stadium the Beatles performed years before.

Thanks Beatles - 50 amazing years!

2009 Short



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh man! What a year that was Mr. (In more ways than one). Yes indeed. Not intentionally, it turned out to be our year of the Beatles indeed. Ahh, such amazing memories. So good to relive that all again.

ThatDanGuy said...

I need to write a proper story on that...