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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Apples and Oranges

Comparison #1:

Apples are typically red, while oranges are orange. I'm not sure how that translates if you are colour-blind, but that could be one difficulty when comparing apples to oranges...

Comparison #2:

Apples are long and curved, like a hockey stick blade - with a soft peel that monkeys can easily remove.

Wait - that may be be wrong, let me surf back to Wikipedia to see if I may have written down the wrong description!

Comparison #3:

Oranges can be used as a substitute projectile in slo-pitch softball baseball pickup games, while an apple a day will only keep doctors away.

Comparison #4:

Only oranges can be used to make juice.

(Wikipiedia, are you shitting me?? I'm pretty sure I've heard of apple juice...)

Comparison #5:

Apples come with convenient bumps on the bottom, that allow them to be displayed upright. Oranges are roly-poly, and quite difficult to photograph. There are actually classes that prepare food photographers for that challenging task.

There you have it - comparing apples to oranges!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Now, let's compare the mind of a crazy person to the mind of one Mr. That Dan Guy. (Not so much Apples to Oranges! Just sayin..)

ThatDanGuy said...

Ha Ha HA!!