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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When Technology Fails...

Yesterday Facebook had an outage, or some other sort of operational failure. You would have thought I was having an operational failure as I tried frantically and repeatedly to have my posts appear, as they do every other day of the year. I finally gave up, but later learned on another social media site that there was a problem with Facebook, and not just my own account.

I post every day - over the many years that I've been blogging I have only ever missed a couple of days, and those were rare occasions, clearly. I've tried to maintain a daily presence on Twitter and Facebook, and that is about where I draw the line - if I started posting pictures on Instagram and recipes on Pinterest, I think some gentlemen in white suits might appear at my door - and my wife would bury her nose in a book, pretending not to know how those particular circumstances came about.

I seem to have been fighting with technology for at least half a decade now. That said, if I were a caveman, I'd be fighting with wonky rock hammers, three-sided wheels, or uncooperative fires. I try, and at some point I hope to at least control these cursed "modern advantages", but yesterday was clearly another sign that all of these things control us - I may never be singing on a mountaintop after a full week of effortless technology usage.

However, here I stand again this morning - SCREW YOU Technology - beat me down, I will just keep getting back up again.

What? Drama Queen??



(This posted, right???)


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ah yes. I recall saying something like "perhaps Facebook is experiencing a challenge at the moment, try it again later in the day", but oh no, the "suspicions" were already being verbalized. "I have been hacked, someone has taken over my account, why doesn't this work..blah, blah, blah'. Hey, I can have gentlemen in white suits come to my door? Hmm, excuse me, I must go surf the google and find a long book to read.

ThatDanGuy said...

Ah, what do you know anyway?

Apparently everything............