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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger, activist and humanitarian Charlie Chicken...)

Hoomans, ah needs ta be VERY sirius here today...


Taday juss happens ta be Canadian Nashumal Appreciate Yer Poultry Day, an I'm here ta defend mah fellow feathered friends....


Ah wanna enkooridge alla yah ta try sumthin different this weekend. Rather than loppin' the proud noggin offa sum helpless bird that never did YOU no wrong, an poppin' him or her in tha oven with apples and bread crumbs stuffed in their entrails space - -why not considder a delightfu peanut butter an jelly sadnwich???


Instead a rippin' cooked flesh offa a otherwise formerly athletic turkey leg, how's about sum pinto beans and spam???

Nobody gets hurt, everyone's happy, and mebbe sum day a noble turkey may even save your life in return, thanks yu very much!

We are all famly, ya know - so please consider gravy may go juss as well with some boiled dandelions, or even a possum - who needs them, really? I don't think they wur even sapposed ta get an invitation when tha ark was sendin' them out...


Appreciate Yer Poultry, people. We're all birds uv sum kinda feather....

Cluck fer now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ok Charlie. You definitely spoke to me, I hear you. I will appreciate poultry today. No problem. Thinking of BBQ steak today.
Tomorrow, however, that is a whole new day. BBQ chicken I believe. Hey, I gave you one day, not too bad.
Be thankful you aren't a turkey Charlie. Well, you are a turkey in many ways really. Happy Gobble Gobble day Charlie.

Charlie Chicken said...