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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Canada May Have Health Care....

While we do tend to pride ourselves on "free" universal health care here in Canada, we are not at all immune to some of the other government woes that our friends & neighbours in the United States have been challenged with in recent years.

Right now here in The Great White North, our Prime Minister is being shown for what everyone feared he was all along - and the repercussions could echo the shift that occurred the last time the Progressive Conservative government fell out of favour with voters. This time though, there may be even more disgrace and discord that happens before the party is wiped out completely.

Hey, I could be wrong, but if the corruption scandal over our "senate" continues to unravel, either the senate or the Prime Minister will suffer a fatal blow. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, or a bigger group of self-indulgent nincompoops. It would only be icing on the cake if they all shared the same cell block in one of our high-class low security prison facilities. They could still all be allowed out to compete in the Senior Olympics...

Here's the thing with elected officials. While socialism always gets compared to Communism, I wrote tongue-in-cheek years ago that democracy was a system that afforded the sheep to be governed by their natural predators. We elect men and women to do what is best for us as a society, but so often (like Spiderman), they forget that with great power, comes great responsibilities as they get involved in serving their own best interests.

A small group of people then do damage to the vast majority of the population, and we as polite Canadians seem to have forgotten how to mount a decent pitchforking, let alone tar and feathering.

Something has to change - in the case of Canada, I think that is bubbling up well in advance of the next general election.

Let's just hope the next set of wolves has an aversion to mutton....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Agreed. Do away with the Senate altogether. They serve no relevancy. Pompous, crooked, criminals.

ThatDanGuy said...

And why is Boss Hog a member of our Canadian Senate??