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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Analytics For Week Of October 1

This may be relevant and exciting only to myself, but I am pretty stoked by my blog stats as depicted by Google Analytics.

Of my top five posts this morning, four are my reviews!

1) Christopher Plummer at Banff Centre
2) Calgary Folk Club, Season Opener
3) Calgary Folk Club, Last Week's show
4) The Platters

The Platters???

Go figure - that shows people are snooping through the archives, which makes me even happier.

And, my site views have about doubled, so I really need to keep ramping up my efforts, an dquick stuffing in filler on slow days.

Like I'm doing today...



PS - I realize I have not heard from Charlie as yet - he was bumped both weekend days. Calm before the storm???


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Awesome, good to hear Mr.! Uh-oh, Charlie was bumped 2 weekends in a row? OMG, he is going to be unbearable! Super.

ThatDanGuy said...

Have to hope he's a closet Sound OF Music fan...