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Friday, April 12, 2013

On The Next Episode Of...

"Survivor: The Bachelor (Season XXVIII )Versus Hell's Kitchen's Lead Dishwasher"

Sequestered in a NYC loft's kitchen, Sebastien attempts to embarrass famed winner of HK's Lead Dishwasher, Grotto Kanary.

In this episode the Immunity Challenge includes crafting a comprehensive grocery list, clapping whilst chewing gum, and Best Profile In Hallway Mirror.

The NY Times gushes "TV that simply compels viewers". USA Today headline screams "JUST TRY NOT WATCHING THIS, SUCKAS!!!!". Cosmo proclaims "TV has reached a pinnacle with this series".

Don't miss out.

And later this week, Storage Wars Oxnard joins forces with a special cast of Dancing With The Stars: Animated Character Edition to make TV history with the first ever Salsa competition in a 10 x 10 locker just off the sprawling Oxnard airport tarmac. Jay Leno hosts a car rally before the episode - catch him before he returns to host the Tonight Show in 2015!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Man! If this weren't an actual portrayal of TV today, it would not be so sad.

So true Mr!

People have really lowered the bar on "compelling". Ugh.

I just turn to you for my entertainment oh funny one!

ThatDanGuy said...

It is abysmal what our cable provider offers...