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Friday, April 19, 2013

Life Before The Remote

I remember the early audio visual remote controls, which were wired. Can you imagine a long wire attached to your TV or VCR?

I did manage to leave snacks along the pathway of that wire, so as to lasso treats and draw them closer when I desired a wee taste of candy or pretzels. However, the wire was limited in range, and risky - especially during commercial break stampedes to the washroom.

Now, technology has freed us from our wires. Unless a battery dies, then one is forced to get up and do adjustments manually, like cavemen did. With all our advances, we are still so vulnerable as humans...

I guess you are discovering along with me right now that I never really did have a point in this reminiscence.

However, I now have a blog post. Such as it is....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Umm, no, I don't remember a remote with wires? May I see your drivers license please?

ThatDanGuy said...

The one carved into a stone tablet???