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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burger King Canada

I see a scroll on the news this morning that Burger King has made a whopper of a move, selling off the Canadian division of their assets.

I can only imagine that action might just lead to a more diversified menu??

I wonder if we'll see:

* Mosquito Fries, seasoned with poutine and maple syrup?

* The Canadian Whopper - featuring Canadian Bacon, fresh garnishes (imported from countries that enjoy summer growing seasons), and a maple leaf toothpick?

* Beaver Nuggets - probably best not to get an image of THAT in your head...

* Poutine Shakes - the ultimate in combined food groups!!

Makes the head swim...and now I feel like a Whopper...excellent....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Well, I DID feel like a whopper until I read Beaver Nuggets! Hmm, a salad is probably sounding like a safer bet right about now.
Hmmmm, I think I just saw a chicken running around. Now that could be good too.

ThatDanGuy said...

Beaver Nuggets - what WON'T they think of???