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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Chic Gamine?

Hello Winnipeg family and peeps!

Any buzz on a local band - Chic Gamine? We'll be seeing them tomorrow night, with my review to follow Saturday morning. From their website, it looks like they will bring a terrific show to Calgary - not like we've been disappointed yet with our evenings at the enduring Calgary Folk Club!

Other than that, just for the record, I am searching Kijiji for a voodoo doll that could be used as a stand-in for Old Man Winter. With more snow yesterday, and more possibly on the way, I am hoping to harpoon this doll into submission, or at least direct him to say...Regina.

If you have a line on something that will work, please let me know asap...




Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Sigh. Apparently you did not find said voodoo doll. Freezing rain, fog, temperatures up then down, then up, then down? What the hey?

ThatDanGuy said...

And worse today!!

Good thing I sent you out to do everything yesterday....

Say, did you wash those grapes yet???