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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

For The Birds

You know, it's bad enough we have a blogging rubber chicken around the house, now the annual stove vent bird nesting has returned!

Mrs. That Dan Guy heard bird chirping sounds in our range vent the other day, indicating that after our post-chick-birth eviction last year, the tweeting freeloaders had returned. We thought that was the humane route to take, until I was making breakfast one morning, and turned on the vent fan.

That's when the feathers flew. All over our cooking...

I posted back then shot of the next inside the vent. Not fun to clear out.

So, this year I opted to take a preemptive move. I taped a paper plate over the vent, whatever you call the thing that is on our outside wall, and clearly no challenge for creative birds looking for free lodging.

Four days later, no chirps. I think I managed to discourage their sublet.

Back to just plastic poultry, bad enough as that is!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ya, bad enough as a rubber chicken blogger is indeed! (Poor birds. They probably had 1/2 their home built and came back and thought "crap! we have to find a new spot and start over? Serious overtime this week to get our house done on time". Mama bird with her tired full tummy filled with eggs. Aww, poor things)

ThatDanGuy said...

All I can hear now is few faint chirps....

BTW, quite the picture YOU paint, Greenpeace...