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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting Through...

Well, my "Week Of Juggling Cucumbers" is well underway, and we seem to be getting through the worst of it - even if we are starting to feel the weight of minimal sleep.

After getting through two days of volunteer casino management (and shifts), I had to attend a health fair yesterday. Once we got home, we both took a quick nap until my parents called, and we got up to catch up with family matters from them.

Afterwards, I worked on my interview feature for the Calgary Herald, and managed to get that sent off. I understand that it will appear this weekend, and I will post a digital link here once that goes live. If you're following me on Twitter and Facebook, you may have been able to preview the video version that will link to the newspaper piece...

Today, I'm in a course all day at Volunteer Calgary, after which we will probably come home and collapse under the coffe table until morning. I've got a breakfast event then, and with any luck I'll be able to get the book review done so that I can schedule my next interview - a phone chat with the funny, funny Suzy Soro.

And then, we've got Folk Club friday night (review Saturday morning), and Stage West Saturday night (review Sunday morning).

If it weren't for coffee I'm not sure my eyes would even be open right now....

Chow for now!!  

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