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Monday, February 18, 2013

Chicken Scratch (On A Monday? WTC??)

(posted by weekend weekday guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)




Wut, wuz tha Beetles back together?? Did Justin Beebers cut his hair again??



Man, I get punted aroun more than a footsball here - fer a bird that gets tha moss traffic fer this lame site, ya'd think I might get a lil more respeck!!


Well, ah fixed banjo boy - those ain't chocolate covered raisins in his sock drawer.....


Seein' as how ma week an weekend wuz kinda lite, I guess it was a good week ta bansih me ta tha ugliest day a tha week. An it is a hollyday here in Canada, so there may even be sumbody readin' this taday....

Tha best part a this lass week? I didn't catch tha cold an flue bug that has been reekin' havoc in this here househole. Both tha hoomans here wuz hit, altho I hafta admit tha delicak one seemed ta be taken down like a wounded gazelle - she wuz a wreck...


Well, seein' as how I missed Tha Prize Is Ripe, I may juss sneak back inta bed for a lil nap. It is a hollyday, like I said.

Then I'll surf Hot, and russle me up a date fer tonite....

Cluck fer now!!


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Oh brother! If I was in charge of your boney piece of poultry, I would have said "sorry, more important folks for this weekend, you have to wait until next weekend". I wouldn't have even given you the Monday! And further more, "like a wounded gazelle?" Whatever! Banjo-boy will be looking like something a lot worse shortly as he DID think them were chocolate-covered raisins in his drawer and acted upon his drool. So ha! Both the lame piece of poultry AND his beloved banjo-boy should be down for the count shortly.

ThatDanGuy said...

Spoken like a wounded gazelle......