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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost Done

Finally making our way through the Oscar's broadcast we PVR'd the other day. PLEASE - no spoilers on who wins! So far, we've managed to learn virtually every winner, just before we've watched the show. Ugh - damn you, inner nets!!

Observations so far - despite hearing that viewership was up 11% this year (eleven), if this was the first Academy Awards broadcast a person has ever seen, I'm not so sure it would convince you to come back next year. I think viewership was more closely related to the inexplicable appeal of young Jennifer Lawrence than any other compelling effort made to draw in couch potatoes.

We wrapped it up with the In Memoriam segment last night.

We'll finish it tomorrow night, as we are off to see an Olympian speak tonight. I'd tell you more about that, but the paperwork is upstairs, and I don't expend THAT energy until I head up to get ready...

Ma Nya Na!

(Testing new closes...)

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