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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Mouth Guard

After a week of attempting to numb a howling tooth, I got in to see a new dentist yesterday. Turns out after a battery of X-rays and observations, the thought is I have another sinus flare-up. Second one in about as many months.

So, another round of antibiotics, and another round of visits with my Neti-Pot, an invention for which I would kiss on the lips whoever devised such a godsend device. I never thought I would look forward to filling in for my bathroom faucet, but it truly feels marvelous!!

However, I did not get off altogether scot-free. I have some cracked fillings, a cavity under a crown, and gums that "resemble reef coral"...

Another day - what they did also discover was that I have been grinding my teeth down in my sleep, probably with worry over America's looming Fiscal Cliff.

The solution was being fitted for a night guard, which isn't as much about my personal security as it is about keeping my top teeth separated from my bottom teeth. Unlike the over-the-counter mouth guards you can buy in any pharmacy, dentists don't see any lucrative insurance money there, so they had to fit me for a personalized appliance. I have to admit, once the the resin fumes receded, it felt pretty comforting. It only covers my two buck teeth, so the next time time I sleep through an alarm and rush out the door, I'll look like a beaver in that morning's office meeting.

However, if I can continue to keep these yellowed chompers a little longer, it should all be worth it.

Chow for now!!


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

I tell ya, the old Mr., falling apart....
Ok, first of all, I would PAY to see you kiss on the lips the maker of Neti-Pot! Hee hee!
Second of all, thanks a lot for the "not-so-much" needed graphic detailed description of your dentist's assessment of the mouth, of which the lips I kiss are attached to! Fantastic!
Lastly, I would also PAY to see you run out the door looking like a beaver in your Monday morning meeting.

ThatDanGuy said...

Got a piece of timber I can chew on for breakfast???