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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chicken Scratch - Holiday Edition

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Ho Ho Ho Chicken...)

Howdy, hoomans!

Does it look like I'm wearing tha Santa hat??

If this wuz, KFC, Ah'd be Crispy Kringle!!


My dreams wuz dashed this year - ah had hoped ta be one a them mall Santas - but the managers thought ma chicken legs would either collapse under tha weight a modern-day kids - or ah might be a risk what with them being drumsticks an all - not even sure what THAT means...


So, I wuz hoping ta at least spread tha holiday cheers by dressin' up as Sandy Claws, and maybe hang around a few roosts with sum missle toe. Tha chicks LUUUV Santa!!


I juss need ta bust inta sum unopened Tylenol, fer tha cottin batten - I kin make mahself a beard, an with a few modifikayshuns, a dog coat could turn inta Santa's red velevet festive wear. 

One way or anuther, I WILL be spreadin' sum cheer this year - but shy lil ole me might need sum help - anyone know any elves that work fer free??

Oh yeah - also need ta loosen up - how'sa bout a lil Rum, Pa BumBum??


Mary Crispness, everyone!

And t'all, a Goodyear!!

Cluck fer now, Suckas......


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Oh brother! Charlie. One of them chickens that drive you nuts, yet you gotta love him, darn it.
Merry Christmas Charlie! Rum, Pa BumBum!

ThatDanGuy said...

He's got some sort of inexplicable charm...