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Friday, June 18, 2010

The sounds of silence.

Looks like that’s what we’ll be listening to now that Simon & Garfunkel have postponed their current tour. After initially considering we wouldn’t even be able to get tickets at the lofty prices I found during the initial release, there were some reasonable prices on obstructed-view seats above the Saddledome ceiling lighting area, on exposed girders – sounded comfy what with the insulation and such.

However, the first show was postponed, and word reached us last night that the second show has now been postponed indefinitely. Which I’ll admit sounds a little vague, but probably means that they won’t be here anytime soon. Koo Koo Ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson! (Gesundheit...)

Oh well – we have seen both of them in concert before anyway, just not as the legendary pair together. Which would have been amazing, we imagine...

We are not feelin’ groovy right now…

Chow for now!

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