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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As optimistic and accommodating as I can be, I’d have to say by now that my website, as formerly provided by a now MIA domain host, is deceased. I’ve tried to get a hold of them, but they seem to have vanished – which is funny, because you’d think there would be even some sort of indication somewhere online – I can’t be the only client they had.

If I was, that would go a long way to explaining why they tanked…

So, until I can resolve this issue, it’ll just be the blog (here), and the few off-sites I’ve been meaning to link together anyway. Once again, procrastination bites my plus-sized ass…

So, if you’ve found me via this direct link, congratulations. Your daily drivel is guaranteed.

I will set up a new “main” website as soon as I can, but don’t forget the other places you can enjoy (and I use that term in lieu of “suffer through”) my regular silliness: (interviews you can download and cherish forever) (video snippets, growing by the one or two)

And if you’re on Twitter or LinkedIn, you can follow or link up with me there as well.

I think that’s most of the damage I do on a regular basis.

Chow. For now.

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