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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Moby Duck

There he was, on the other side of the pond - big, white, and angry. The legendary albino duck, that ate my Pappy.

I pointed my canoe towards him, dipping my oar into the water with determination, whilst balancing my harpoon at the ready, ever so carefully.

Then his one good eye caught mine, and his feathers ruffled in defiance. I rowed harder, forthwith...

Moby raised his wings and hissed at me, and as I lifted my great metal spear to inflict a mortal wound, by happenstance my Smartphone made that familiar sound - I had a new Facebook update to respond to. I dropped the harpoon into the canoe immediately...

Throwing some breadcrumbs to distract the albino duck, I responded to the update, then turned my steely gaze back towards the fowl foul I needed to kill, to avenge my Pappy.

But I was too late. He was gone.

We'll meet again duck.

We will meet again...

The End.



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh brother! Really? How big was this albino duck anyways? Hmm, I can relate to Moby Duck. Focus is often lost on me when that damn smartphone emits some sort of sound. Mr

ThatDanGuy said...

Huh? Sorry, I was checking my Facebook...