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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chicken Scratch

Things are rough in the Such Is Life household today folks. After avoiding Mrs. That Dan Guy's cold bug for 10 days, I have succumbed to the virus.

As has somebody else, who is apparently to sick to post today.

Therefore, I present a classic post of Chicken Scratch, from one of his other battles with the bug.

Click here to view that.




Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh this is so not good. A sick man and a sick chicken. Somebody help me. Please.
Charlie. Sigh. Your neck ain't what it used to be? Even your knuckles are throbbin? Well whatever Mr. Poultry. I have things throbbin I never even knew I had.
Mr. That Dan Guy. Sigh. Everything hurts, you can't breathe? OMG.
Well, to the gentlemen of this household (man & bird) I apologize, but take it easy.
Stay under the covers, drink lots of fluids, keep your whining to a minimum. Please.

Mama Bear said...

Oh no! Does Charlie have the chickenpox?

ThatDanGuy said...

Lots of bird flu around these parts lately...

ThatDanGuy said...


No, he does not, but that is a great idea!