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Monday, June 02, 2014

Vancouver In N Out

What a fantastic (albeit super-short) trip to Vancouver this past weekend!

We went out to see Lionel Richie, and hoped to spend a couple of hours with family. We ended up having two full days of GREAT visits, and got out and about with said family to see a few sights - including the charming waterfront town where ABC's "Once Upon A Time" does some filming - the Storybrooke signs were a dead giveaway.

So, a bit exhausted this morning as Mrs. That Dan Guy gets ready to go back to work, and I will have to wait about an hour to hit the hammock as I drive her in and make the return trip home. Then, some serious suntanning and personal relaxing time for this guy!

Oh wait - she reads this....

Uhh, right back to the coal mine myself, Honey!

Funny story - anybody remember that old Bobby Goldsboro song "Honey". It was not about a dog, as some people were led to believe...

Hee Heee Heee!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ya, tough to get going on this morning. I already miss my brother terribly. :(

And as for the song, sigh. Now I am even sadder.

ThatDanGuy said...

It was awesome.

Hey, Honey had a little brother - Peanut Butter - wonder how HE'S doing???