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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My Brush With Going Slightly Viral!

Twitter sends these weekly email summary updates on how you've done over the course of the week - I got the one posted above a day or two ago.

Imagine my surprise at discovering that a silly Tweet I sent out during a concert went crazy, grabbing 26, 400 views!

I had some idea, based on how many Favourites and re-Tweets I was getting afterwards, but I had no clue it was getting so much traffic.

Unlike my review of the concert, which is sitting around 40 views so far. Go figure!

And, as you can see, Cee Lo Green retweeted it as well. Which is why I got so much attention -  NOT because of my brilliant comment :-)

Hey, that's 26, 360 more people than ever that are looking at what I post, even if it is briefly.

I'll take that as a win!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Whoa! Amazing. Say it again: CeeLofrickinGreen.

ThatDanGuy said...