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Monday, June 30, 2014

My Chocolate Rant

Why is chocolate so darn good? How is it even legal for chocolate makers to create so many tasty concoctions that I am powerless to resist?

Why do chocolate bunnies give me those come-hither looks, looks that practically BEG me to bite their ears off???

How is it that M & M's have legs and appear to be free-thinking in their commercials, but are inactive and passive when you open up a package? They're not gonna get away from consumption Hershey - with THAT sort of self-defence mechanism!!

Chocolate fountains - who thought THAT was a good idea? Sure, you can cover strawberries or pineapple, but why not MORE chocolate?? COVERED IN CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Hershey - I'm looking at you! Knock it off with the delicious candies already.

Good grief... Why am I ranting about chocolate at breakfast time???? Could be my CHOCOLATE ECLAIR!!!


Sugar high..gotta calm down....

Sweet mother of cocoa...

Focus, man....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Sweet mother of cocoa alright! Calm down Mr. That Dan Guy.
From now on I am putting a pair of blinders on you in the stores. You will only be able to look straight ahead. Come to think of it, said blinders will be mighty handy for you in an Apple store too! Hmmm, gotta go, must find said blinders.

ThatDanGuy said...

Rats. I thought you said "binders", you kinky thing....