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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Murphy - The Law Of Timing...

Important project - Check.

Need to get said project done within a couple of hours, even though there was just a long weekend I could have been working on it all along - Check.

Progress smoothly, complete project in record time - Check.

Press "Print", wait for reaffirming sounds of actual printing - Check.

No reaffirming sounds, press "Print" again, but this time press even harder (no reason, but it can't hurt, right?) - Check.

After further indications no actual printing is taking place, open Printer folder to discover printer is "off-line". Check.

Discover that printer is not only off-line, it is off this mortal coil. Printer has gone to that Best Buy in the sky...

Panic that escalates to anger and unsightly dismantling of printer and connections - Check.

Determine alternate method of presenting material, while happily for the printer, unable to find ball-peen hammer - Check.

Likely going to have to buy a new printer - wonder if they will take a - cheque....




Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ah yes, the best laid plans, then along comes Murphy. The "Newman" of a perfect day.

ThatDanGuy said...

Printers, and that danged Rangers goalie...