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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cavalia's "Odysseo"

Cavalia "Odysseo"

The Sunday Morning "Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway" Entertainment Review:

Cavalia's "Odysseo"

The latest production from a co-founder of Cirque du Soleil introduces animals back into the travelling circus of gymnastic spectacles. 70 horses, to be exact. 

I think the most we counted on stage at any one time was about half that number (give or take), but still - try to wrap around how powerful that is, as each is going through incredibly synchronized pieces, along with a variety of human performers. All this, in a tent!

"Odysseo" is nothing short of stunning and breathtaking. You won't believe all this is happening under a "big top", as the stage is massive, as well as the special effects in their scope. 

Actually, some parts of the special effects reminded us a bit of what Shania Twain uses in her Vegas show - to a lesser degree Bette Midler incorporated some of this technology there as well. But with the horses and their riders, it all seemed grander and far more breathtaking. 

The very ground seemed to change beneath them at times, as well as introducing at times rain, snow, seasons and climates, a gigantic carousel, and for the finale, a body of water.  

If you are a fan of Cirque, you will certainly recognize many of the facets of the human performers, including the live band and singers that populate the show - in this case from discreet tree houses on either side of the stage. It is the equine addition that elevates this beyond Cirque fare, as the beautiful stallions and geldings get to play as much as they perform, often appearing to enjoy the reactions as much as the human performers. I swear one horse in particular looked out at the audience every time he ran past the front of the stage, checking us out as he galloped along...

There are far too many highlights to single out, and really, you have to see something like this live to appreciate just how affective it can be, and how much theatre or the circus has transformed with the imagination of this team. 

Two hooves way up!!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Incredibly beautiful. The bond between horse and human was stunning. The skills of the 4-legged performers, be it on horse or hanging off a piece of carousel, made you forget to breathe at times. Grace, strength, trust, courage. A show you will never forget. Incredible!

ThatDanGuy said...

Amazing - could be the best show we've ever seen...