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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Dwight Yoakam @ Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

Dwight Yoakam
Grey Eagle Casino & Resort

The Saturday Morning "Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway" Concert Review:

Dwight Yoakam

Grey Eagle Resort & Casino
(Opening Night)

I'm not sure how it is that it's taken me so long to see this gentleman in concert, but it sure was a great time once he hit the stage. Honky-tonk anthems, singer/songwriter gems, countrified covers - and reminders of how great Buck Owens was in his own right connected with a full house for the official opening night of Grey Eagle Resort & Casino's state-of-the-art new concert facility. Even a moderate delay to his start couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of this crowd...

Yes, adding to the stereotype of Canada, he and his band were delayed by weather - a snowstorm that was a real treat to drive home in after the show. That will be a bonus blog post after this review is live online, and consideration to maybe stay at their brand-new hotel when the next show is of interest to attend there.

He also had some trouble entering the country with his entourage, but that was just the sort of delightful red tape that many performers have to deal with - hey, at least he and his band made it, late start and all - the end result had people two-stepping in the aisles and in front of the stage during his energetic set of hits and newer songs.

Yoakam did have fun with the border incident in a chorus amended for Calgary fans in "Streets Of Bakersfield", it actually became a running gag throughout the night, as much as his heartfelt appreciation for how Canada has always been so supportive to his career. I know I've been there since the beginning, and had a chance to hear songs I've come to accept as part of my past, almost 30 years now!

"Honky Tonk Man", an edgier, growly version of his "Ring Of Fire" cover, "Turn It On, Turn It Up, Let Me Loose", "Ain't That Lonely Yet", "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere" to name but a handful over about 90 minutes. You could not be disappointed, even with a robust songbook there were highlights for every fan.

Just before his two-song encore, he closed the main set with "Guitars, Cadillacs" and "Fast As You", ultimately closing the night with "Suspicious Minds". Felt like it was over all too soon...

He also commented on a new album, due out this fall - find out more about all that is Dwight Yoakam on his website.

Openers Troublemaker did a fine job of starting things off, as they said, right in their own backyard. The Tsuu T'ina nation blues rocker trio reminded me a bit of early ZZ TOP, before the fur-covered guitars. 



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Dwight Yoakam indeed! A great venue, great tunes, great sound, a great time had by all indeed! And on Tsuu T'ina Day too!

ThatDanGuy said...

Go figure!

Anna said...

thanks for the Troublemaker mention. can i put a link to your blog post on the Troublemaker website?

ThatDanGuy said...

Hello Anna!

Absolutely, feel free to link - I quite enjoyed them...