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Friday, May 30, 2014

Lionel Richie Cee-Lo Green North American Tour Kicks Off & Then Some!!

Lionel Richie
CeeLo Green

The Friday Morning "Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway" Concert Review: 

Lionel Richie, 
All The Hits, All Night Long

OK, I'll be honest - I'm not really sure who I was more stoked to see last night at this launch of Lionel Richie's North American tour - but I can say that neither one disappointed, how about that?

I mean, come on, a chance in Canada to see CeeLo Green, AND Lionel Richie - SOLD!

Kicking open the stage doors with a pounding version of "Bright Lights, Bigger City", the unmistakeable voice of CeeLo G kept things soulful and funky with fun takes on some disco classics and more current snippets, a la PussyCat Dolls. 

His predominantly female band found a groove and stayed there until his time was up - but along the way we were treated to a number of highlights - I don't like to spoil any surprises if you're already holding tickets and waiting for this to roll into your own town, but I can say you'll recognize a lot of what you hear - OK, including some iconic Gnarls Barkley, and a certain ear worm that rocketed him even higher when the censored and uncensored versions both went viral.

I mean, come on - the man is blood with the legendary Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) - talk about Soul, Man...

Lionel Richie? 

So, quick personal story - back on the night I started as a mobile DJ, the first song I ever played at a dance was "Night Fever", by The BeeGees (yes, I'm that old...). So I was there for the start of disco, and the birth of funk. 

When The Commodores were dominating the charts, I was playing their hits at parties.

After Lionel went solo, I ended up playing virtually everything he ever released - mostly by request, but I was a fan myself as well. Man, for a decade or two you could not play a wedding without "Three Times A Lady", "Hello", or a handful of those other hits...

So, here you go - as the title of the tours suggests, All The Hits, All Night Long - as well as his help in the walk down Memory Lane, sharing both how some songs came to be, and how he has shouldered the burden of being the go-to guy for music when relationships fall apart...

In concert, the man knows how to work a room, even one as big as Rogers Arena in Vancouver, where the tour started. And the crowd lapped it up - I never did check to see how long the show ran, but by the time surprise encore selection was finished, it had been a satisfying menu of songs that had the audience dancing in the aisles (oddly enough, not even one on the ceiling - go figure!), and getting close to their loved ones when he took to the piano.

Next up, Seattle! But thanks guys for starting things off here in Canada...



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh ya! All night long baby! Whew! I havent danced that much in I dont know how long. What a concert. One I will never forget!
(Now getting lost walking out of Rogers arena, trying to find the train back to the hotel, that I HOPE to forget. Yikes!)

ThatDanGuy said...

What, a little stroll along dark streets in a major city late at night?