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Sunday, May 12, 2013

In The Age Of Instant Gratification....

It feels funny to have done something for a writing project, and not be able to post about it here right away.

I mean, I often write two entirely different reviews of some entertainment event or live shows, as I don't want the blog version to be the same as the print media version - yet I also respect the instant access factor that the web allows. Hence the fact I post "breaking" news stories when a lingering pimple finally pops.

What I'm working on this weekend though won't appear till a ways down the road, so I can't do a blog version. Maybe later, after the other has come and gone.

Alas, that is my plight. However, my explanation has still given me a few words here that now allows me to click "publish".

My work here then today is done :-)



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Can't wait to see/read about what you are working on! :)

ThatDanGuy said...

Soon, Grasshoppa, soon...