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Friday, May 31, 2013

"A new Survery SHows..."

I love reading the news scrolls on the morning news shows. I have even applied for a few jobs over the years for advertised postings, as having been a writer for so long, the glorified roles like "news producer" are really just typing out the rolling scrolls that fill the screen below the anchors.

However, I am not a child of a network exec, nor am I 19, so I could not possibly be qualified for such a challenge as writing a short sentence teasing about upcoming news bits.

No, I would only know that there is no such word as "survery", and that typically you only capitalize the FIRST letter in most words.

God Bless Nepotism and the continued aversion to following the law regarding hiring based on bias towards age. As Richard Dawson used to say, "survery says - Morons!!"



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Good one! Yes, everyday there is something scrolling that I am pretty sure a child wrote with a crayon. Apparently knowing how to spell is not part of the job description.

ThatDanGuy said...

Honestly, it's like they aren't even aiming at the bulls-eye....