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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stampede100 Now With Sheepdogs!

Stampede 100

This is typically where I have run a morning-after, "nobody-asked-me-to" concert review. However, as we were bopping around the Stampede grounds trying to take in what we could on this, our only visit this year - well, screw that!

First up - The Sheepdogs - WOW! If you like the album (and who wouldn't - these guys are amazing!), the band performing live is something else. Rockin', melodic riffs - the boys from Saskatoon represent! Proving without a doubt that they were worthy of the Rolling Stone cover hype, I coulda sat there all night groovin' to their vibes.

However, we wandered over to the other picture..I mean Nashville North, to sneak a peek at Canadian country star Jason Blaine - who was similarly blowing the roof off of that facility. Of course, we didn't actually get inside, we snook (snak? sneeked??) our peek from the sidelines, but the sound was worth the effort at least.

The big "100 Years" photo is for the zipline that ran over the fairgrounds - you actually had to climb up stairs inside that contraption, before risking life and limp to careen over Stampeders. There was of course a lengthy lineup, and that was just at the insurance sales table...

Other than that - pretty routine evening. We took our first-ever C-Train ride from Mrs. That Dan Guy's workplace, and that was somewhat sardine-like, but not too bad. Airports could stand to learn something from packed commuter trains when it comes to discreet searches of potentially hidden threats. Or my ass...

Mini-donuts, ice cold root beer, a warm pretzel dripping in fresh butter - all in all a diabetes nightmare!

And, loving it!

Good time had by all! Sheepdogs Rock!!

Chow for now...


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Yahoo! It was great and the Sheepdogs did indeed rock. Thank goodness these old folks found a picnic table at the concert to perch ourselves on, as the old legs were getting tired!

ThatDanGuy said...