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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Open Forum

Funny. I awoke today to a crude comment left on a really old post. Usually, the boneheaded items I have to delete are fake "comments" that are actually spammers, trying to sell fake name-brand crap from some remote corner of the world. Or infect anyone's computer that clicks on their link...

I know that I can monitor and approve posts before they go live, but what a pain in the ass! Even the major media outlets allow the great unwashed to post what they believe passes for artistic roses, until those halfwits cross a line that sees the commentary outright removed. I just enjoy clicking "spam", and watching the lunacy vanish. Very satisfying...

The nature of the beast, I suppose. It is rare these days, so I will continue to keep things the way they are as long as I can.

It encourages people, after all. Like Mrs. That Dan Guy :-)

Chow for now!


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