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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today is "Try To Catch Up" Day

Ugh. Trying to balance all of my other commitments along with my day job is certainly proving to be entertaining, as well as a bit of a challenge. I can't even respond to my emails in a timely manner anymore...

Well, nobody said it was going to be easy, and neither of these issues can continue to suffer much longer - so, here's my proposed solution.

My clone "Tan" will now respond to emails on alternating days of the week. My automated cyborg robot will continue to come up with pranks to drive Mrs. That Dan Guy crazy.

Our educated teenage gorilla will begin posting here, and I defy you to see any difference from what's been posted here for years now.

Still working out a few wee kinks, but I can see this all working swimmingly!

Chow for now!!

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Mrs That Dan Guy said...

In other words this week will be no different then last week. How about trying something like "focus" or planning or prioritizing? Ah, too much to do so little time.

ThatDanGuy said...

Sounds "way out there"...