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Monday, June 25, 2012

Stage West Calgary - "The Marvelous Wonderettes"

Stage West Calgary

"The Marvelous Wonderettes"

For the first production of their 30th anniversary season, "The 39 Steps" had just a few short months ago set such a high standard I didn't expect another show would be able to match or even more unlikely, surpass it. After attending last night's production of "The Marvelous Wonderettes", I'd suggest that this is now the show to beat this season. Absolutely flawless - as professional an evening of theatre as you will see anywhere...

Four flawless voices. Four well-created characters. Music that spans several generations, and seemed well received by the different generations in attendance. Sheesh - I need to take a breath, I may get charged with gushing here...

I took more notes for this show than any other I've attended in the last few years, and I must apologize, I'm going to need to hang onto those to put together my "official" Calgary Herald review (I'll post a link here later when that's available for hard-copy purchase, or online viewing). I will just say that for almost every review I've written both for this space and the newspaper, I say something about how I hate to single any one performer out - but then I gleefully do so.

I can't this time. Every one of the actors has a chance to showcase solid, solid vocals - even when their role requires them to downplay their talents. Lush harmonies, true to each of the eras represented - you really will be transported back in time.

Musical arrangements, musicianship, stage design, direction - there isn't a single element that doesn't help in making this show convincingly win over the audience.

I am starting to suspect that Stage West Calgary has some sort of Dusty Springfield fetish (once again represented in the soundtrack)- but that's a good thing for listeners.

Ahh, I can't keep going on here, or I WILL use up some of the notes I need for my "official" review!

Check back later for a link to that, and to the interview I hope to have with the cast.

More to come - but get your tickets now. The show I attended was sold out - a trend I don't see slowing down once word gets out!

Chow for now! 


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

What a great show! And funny as heck! Loved it, just loved it!

ThatDanGuy said...

Official Calgary Herald review coming soon!