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Monday, March 05, 2012

I swear, Calgary drivers have to be the least capable of any drivers in the civilized world. It's equal parts of arrogance and ignorance, mixed in with a dash of entitlement if you happen to own a BMW, Mercedes or a Lexus.

Hey, this isn't sour grapes, it's fact. Today, in a raging snowstorm , a bus was going down a hill backwards in our neighbourhood. Unintentionally, as it was too slippery for him to make it up the hill. Did the driver behind him stay safely back, or allow the bus driver to safely maneuver? Nope. Entitled, the idiot drove around the bus as it was still careening out of control, to proceed along on his route unfettered by outside circumstances.

This isn't the first time I've griped about the motorists here who seem to indicate that there is absolutely no requirement in Alberta to receive a drivers' licence. Every time, in a prairie winter city that we have a snowfall, there are inevitably HUNDREDS of accidents. Few motorists slow down, and the aforementioned BMW. Mercedes or Lexus drivers assume us po folk will simply yield our right of way so that they can proceed far faster than road conditions allow.

If I had a magic or super power, it would be to transport these clowns with a wave of my hand onto office building rooftops, where they would be stranded each and every time they drove like the village idiot, until something sunk into their thick skulls and due care and caution might become more frequent than hell bent for leather, despite the driving conditions.

End of rant. Chow for now...


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Totally agree Mr. TDG! I love the picture in my head of all of them standing on rooftops! Waaa! Waaaa!

ThatDanGuy said...


Great visual, Temple Grandin!!