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Saturday, March 17, 2012


2, 252 posts (including this one).

Posting daily, with one notable exception.

Getting replaced on weekends by a rubber chicken (who will be here tomorrow, slightly peeved at getting bumped yet again...).

Delivering as consistently as a postman, even when I've got nothing to deliver, per se...

In the years since I started this endeavour, I've:

-Tried to add fresh humor to a website that I still haven't resurrected, thanks to TWO web-hosts going broke.

-Linked to online versions of my various local and national humour columns, even though many of those links will now be broken, as the newspaper I used to write for has shuttered their website.

-Became subservient to a chain-smoking, hard drinking illiterate rubber chicken.

-Completed a magical banjo quest (still can't tune the damn thing).

-Began my "Nobody-Asked-Me-To" entertainment review series, which led to my recurring theatre reviews, and the birth of my podcast interview series, which you can view by scrolling back up and clicking on the photo montage that appears when you first arrive to this page.

-Live-blogged travel adventures (mostly mis-...).

-Rewrote versions of popular fables, fairy tales and children's stories. I can't apologize enough to everyone for those.

-Have used this space as a shameless excuse to get photographed with a number of celebrities.


-Jousted in the comments sections with a witty spouse. Too damn witty, if you ask me...

Man, where does the time go? Well, you can certainly view it in the archives. Click on a random link, and see what I was doing back then.

Go ahead, I'm not going anywhere...

Chow! For now...


Suzanne said...

Congratulations!! What an achievement! Such fun to read.

ThatDanGuy said...

Thang Q!

Not quite as big an achievement as curing polio, but an achievement nonetheless...

Mrs That Dan Guy said...

2,252 you say?! That equals 11 Mister! Congrats Mr.TDG, you have made it a morning "must do" habit for many for a long time, well done!

ThatDanGuy said...


That freakin' 11 is freakin' me out!!!!