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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

End Of An Era...

It would appear that after suffering through almost half a decade of trying to "use" a computer with the early version of Windows Vista OS, I am finally going to pull the plug, and move completely over to this Macbook.

Yes, this computer has had a hard drive die completely earlier, but I'm backing it up now, so I will move what I can over now, and start accessing my email and more on this puppy.

Much as I would love to continue stabbing myself in the brain with a serrated harpoon on the Vista computer, it has now become essentially useless. Well, as long as you DON'T want to:

open the Internet,
download email,
word process,
open a digital picture,
play music,
watch a video,
expect the screen to illuminate,
weigh down a stack of loose paper,
update the OS,
swat flies with it,
double-purpose it as a discus,
the Vista computer is simply golden.

In honor of National That Dan Guy's Blood Pressure Day, I will embark on "making arrangements" to move that piece of wires and plastic on to a happier place, where it can roam free with other dinosaurs and spotted field owls.

Oh, on an unrelated matter, I have a used computer for sale, with the Windows Vista operating system.


Chow for now.


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

And how is that going for you? Hello? Mr. That Dan Guy? Oh, it appears he is currently busy WORKIN ON HIS OLD COMPUTER WITH VISTA! (Must enjoy that stabbing of the brain thing!) Sigh.....

ThatDanGuy said...

Touche, wise asp-p-p-puh, touche....