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Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow. Late start today, dude...

We're a little slow-goin' today, as we spent the entire day yesterday out in our back yard. Now that we have a fence, patio, and stairs to access the yard, we needed to start defining the area.

So, with a hot Canada Day sun blazing down on our carcasses, we put up a gazebo (bloody mosquitoes - I thought we had left them back in Winnipeg!), put together chairs that were more complicated than a space shuttle made out of bottle caps, and had our first BBQ in almost 2 years (due to the timing of our moves).

The first thing that comes to mind from all that, is how stupid will I look when my column on skin cancer comes out next week?? All day in the sun, and three tubes of 50 SPF sunscreen lotion in the car. Did I put a drop on?? Of course not. I was in the zone - building structures like my prairie ancestors must have once done.

What a putz...

Still, as I look out at the gazebo clearly dipping down towards one side, and sit in the chairs that are wobbling like rockers (they aren't), I feel the same sort of satisfaction as my prairie ancestors must have felt, once they had settled their Conestoga wagons, cleared fields, planted crops, built homesteads, and hunted for their meals.

And I still feel exhausted, just thinking about it today...

Chow for now!!

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